Document and Records Management

Let OptiViews integration to your line-of-business applications deliver the information you need when you need it

OptiView®, our acclaimed document management software, transcends the mere capture, storage and retrieval of data. It enhances existing business processes by integrating with line-of-business applications and organizes documents as information that is easy to access, analyze and share. The central repository at the heart of the OptiView system helps sustain organizational knowledge growth and powers the exchange of information. OptiView facilitates information sharing beyond the confines of the organization with the addition of our online information portal and mobile work order solutions.

Our ability to serve the customer has greatly increased, from being able to reproduce the exact bill to being able to provide the customer with a copy of their check. This has proven invaluable.

Dave Smith, Senior System Analyst, Aurora Water, CO

Your Challenges

  • Managing documents that exist in multiple locations as originals, copies, and edited files.
  • Searching for documents and information across file cabinets and directory structures that are multiple levels-deep.
  • Switching between line of business applications, email, local and network drives to find information for the task at hand.
  • Collaboration that keeps sensitive information secure.
  • Modifying your workflow to adapt to the dictates of a document management system.
  • High cost of printing, copying, mailing, and storing paper records.

Our Solution

  • A central repository that standardizes document classification across the organization and allows version control.
  • Relevant information is automatically compiled and easily accessible with intuitive indexing and classification.
  • Transparent front-end integration with line-of-business applications (ERP, Accounting, HR, etc.) puts relevant information at your fingertips without the need to search!
  • Sensitive information is accessible only by authorized personnel: redact a single word, document page, or entire sections, including form fields.
  • Free-up budgets and gain a reliable audit trail by digitizing paper documents and making their contents easily searchable.
  • Our tools enhance your existing software applications and workflow so that you don’t have to change the way you work!

The API document management system is critical to our department. It is our bloodline. And API is about the best vendor we do business with.

Ray Santos, IT, Broward County Public School System, 6th largest public school district in the U.S.

A Knowledge Library – Foundation for Business Growth

As your business, school, or local government agency grows so does the information that supports your operations. OptiView offers a way to store and organize content in a uniform and intuitive manner for all users across the organization and simplifies access to the information they need. It is a secure repository for all digital assets and adheres to stringent DOD security standards. In fact, OptiView is currently used by the US Air Force to facilitate the storage and retrieval of military personnel records and similarly sensitive documents.

The system’s robust architecture provides version control, de-duplication, annotations, and automated document management life-cycle with customizable retention policies for risk mitigation and compliance.

Our hosted option optimizes IT staff productivity, helps contain costs with compression technology that reduces data volume and storage costs, and ensures business continuity with automated back-ups and comprehensive disaster recovery features.

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