• Private Sector

    Private Sector

    Automate and simplify Employee Onboarding and other HR processes to accelerate tasks, increase staff productivity and reduce costs.

  • City & County Government

    City & County Government

    Management and Citizens gain on-demand access to financial information for budget management and fiscal transparency. Plus you can automate processes and eliminate paper forms and documents to gain efficiency and reduce costs across the organization.

  • Education


    Automate and simplify contract renewals, student records management, employee onboarding and invoice processing while reducing costs.

Our Products

  • API OptiView® Document Management

    API OptiView® Document Management

    Convert from paper to digital forms, documents and reports to speed access, improve security and reduce costs.

  • API mPower™ <br>               Process Automation

    API mPower™
    Process Automation

    Increase business and staff efficiency while reducing costs and improving business intelligence.


  • Contract

  • Employee

  • Invoice
    Process Automation

  • Fiscal
    Transparency Portal

  • Electronic
    Student Cumulative

Raving Fans

DeSoto County Schools Implements a Secure Online Registration and Document Management Solution
PAML Eliminates the Paper Swirl in Human Resources &amp; Finance
City of Cedar Falls Drives Productivity and Cuts Costs with API OptiView Document Management
The City of Kokomo Indiana Enhances Services While Increasing Productivity
Neighborly Cares for More Seniors with Efficiencies and Cost Savings from their Document Management Solution
Chippewa Falls School District HR Department Increases Productivity and Efficiency with API OptiView
Clint ISD Automates Contract Renewals Process to Save Time and Money
World Courier World Courier Streamlines Delivery and Boosts Efficiency with a Document Management Solution
City of Banning Increases Efficiency and Productivity
The City of Milford Delaware Delivers Superior Services While Reducing Costs
Automated Accounts Payable Workflows Increase Invoice Processing Volume by 300 Percent
Sumter District Schools Go Green to Save Time and Money
The City of Johns Creek Enhances Services While Cutting Costs
Rapid City Area Schools Reaps the Benefits of a Document Management and Workflow Automation Solution
St. Lucie County Expedites Student Record Processes with an Electronic Document Management Solution
The City of Punta Gorda Gives Citizens Simple Way to Search Public Records, Access Building Permits and Utility Statements Online
Aurora Water Improves Utility Billing and Customer Service with an Document Management Solution
City of Waco Improves Services and Staff Productivity While Reducing Costs
The Village of Lombard Speeds Invoice Processing While Reducing Costs
City of Pueblo Imrpoves Services in Public Works

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